Ways to Tackle Motion Sickness in Pets

Ways to Tackle Motion Sickness in Pets

There’s still some hope to enjoy long drives and being able to travel for long hauls with your pet. Although there are certain steps that need to be followed and appropriate measures to be taken in order for it to be a success! Here are as follows: -

Try taking mini drives/rides around the vicinity and while you do so, make sure the car’s backseat is made extra comfortable! Sometimes either getting a customizable seatbelt or having/attaching a carrier of sorts or a dog safety harness can also be a good option. Not only will they stay safe but also can help alter their mind about car rides. Hence it is more plausible that over time your dog will start associating car rides to a fun and exciting bonding activity.
In case your dog vomits or feels nauseous, try and hold back on their meal 12 hours prior to any long car journey. A relatively empty stomach will reduce their toilet breaks and lessen nausea. That being said, providing fresh water from time to time is highly important to keep your dog hydrated. Sometimes carriers can also be designed in a way in which a water bottle can be hung or attached. So whilst your focus is on the road, your dog can easily get access to the freshwater without any difficulty.

The air conditioner is your dog’s best friend in the car. Hence ensure that the car has a pleasant and cool temperature at all times. Additionally, as dogs are very receptive to loud sounds/music this can be a reason why they get frightened or startled in the car. So it is advisable to change up your regular playlist and make a doggo’s special. This playlist can entail a list of some slow jazz or classical tunes that can play at a lower decibel during your travels.

As we know that dogs have an impeccable sense of smell, it is important to change up the interiors of your car to make it seem like home. A blanket or a bedspread that smells of the home can be placed in the carrier or the backseat of the car. Not only does it cozy up space but also reassures your dog about the car is a safe haven. Such small signs are enough for them to associate the car as an enjoyable and secure space.Never miss out on carrying any toys or treats for your lovable one. Giving new toys and new treats is a tempting but efficient way to make them feel at home in a home away from home. This can only ameliorate their experiences in the car and about car rides!

Only if your dog doesn’t outgrow motion sickness is it a cause for concern. This should then be immediately taken up with your veterinarian at the one-on-one visits. Your veterinarian can then suggest if the furry one needs any medication to overcome their illness. It is highly advised to do as per your veterinarian’s instructions only!