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Our Story

PetKonnect is India’s most comprehensive online pet-services’ community for pets as well as stray animals.

Launched by founder Devanshi Shah, as an ode to her late Havanese pup Hazel, PetKonnect champions equal rights and social inclusion for all animals. In 2017, due to unfortunate events, Hazel met her unfailing and untimely destiny. This incident lead Devanshi to learn of the many gaps in the pet services’ sector in India. She then realised something had to be done.

This service portal was launched in 2019 with the motto “for love beyond words”. It offers a wide array of facilities for pets, with many firsts within the Indian subcontinent to its credit. PetKonnect seeks to build an ethos of a strong community that cares, while positively impacting the life of animals, their owners and service providers in the sector by acting as a nodal network point.

PetKonnect gives users access to information, the ability to connect with other pet parents, a facility to register your pets with local government authorities and access to a host of emergency services and service providers, all through a single easy to use app

55k+ Pet Parents Across India Trust PetKonnect

We are a growing community of pet-parents that trust us with their pets. This trust only strengthens our determination to solve all your pet-parenting woes. Our mission is to build India's most reliable and trustworthy community of and for pet-parents to give our paw-fect friends the care that they deserve.

Our Team

Devanshi Shah - Founder & CEO

Siddharth Parekh - CTO

Nameeta Nadkarni - Veterinarian Consultant