Until What Age Can You Train Your Puppy?

Until What Age Can You Train Your Puppy?

Most pet parents begin training their puppies by the time they’re about eight weeks old. That is when they can be separated from their mothers and grow to be independent eventually. Between the phases of eight to 10 weeks is when puppies should learn their name, manners, some common commands and some early socialization.

Eight to Ten Weeks

Let him or her follow a daily schedule for his or her feeding times, play, exercise, potty breaks and naptime. As pet parents, puppies should be taught to use the potty from the beginning itself. Consult your vet for guidance regarding potty training if your methods don’t seem to suffice.

Apart from this, he or she should learn and understand some basic commands such as sit and come. This is also a great time to teach him or her to socialize with the rest of your family members. Gradually, introduce him or her to other extended members such as friends. This is also a time when he or she will begin exploring things with his or her mouth and nose. Here’s when you should provide chew toys for him or her to nibble on so that your furniture and other belongings remain intact.

10-12 Weeks

In this phase, you can expand on his or her commands, socialization and impulse control. Here is when you can introduce him or her to walking with a leash or harness, advanced socialization, impulse control techniques (sit before their food or water bowls). Threshold training is also equally important so that your furry one doesn’t pull away or run when seeing an open door or a new adventure to explore. Make him or her sit in the middle of an open door and then let them walk through it. This will stop all the pulling and tugging when they see an open door. This will then aid your walk time.

3-4 Months

As your puppy is beginning to grow up really fast, you can begin some complex training routines with the commands they already know. Introduce him or her to stay or leave it commands. Gradually begin with a combination of commands to see that he or she understands. Try this combination indoors. Begin to socialize him or her with other pups of dogs once he has received all his or her vaccinations.

4-6 Months

This time, try the commands in open and public spaces and continue to socialize him or her. Apart from practicing the commands in a public space, try and introduce him or her to longer walks slowly. Take him or her one block further each day so that both your furry one and you get enough exercise. This is when he or she should understand rewards in terms of works of appreciation instead of food rewards.

6 Months to 1 Year

By this time, your furry one should know most of the commands and should have a solid foundation of potty and crate training and socialization. You have to reinforce all of the commands that you had been teaching him or her in the past.

In the first year a puppy should learn and understand basic obedience training, good manners at home and basic confidence training. Repeating these steps often will help your furry one remember and stay on track for the rest of his or her life.