Top 5 Cars For All Dog Parents

Top 5 Cars For All Dog Parents

Traveling with your pet is certainly a joyride (Pun intended)! Going on long drives to admire the picturesque cityscape with your pooch is also a very relaxing way to unwind over a weekend. It’s safe to say that most pets enjoy car rides just like we do! Some find it absolutely riveting and extremely out of the ordinary. Hence, it’s important for pet parents to keep their needs in mind whilst buying a new car. Space constraints is particularly an aspect that pet parents always look into when buying a car. So, it’s time you prioritize your furry family member’s needs and wants before you decide to park that new swanky car in your space!   

Ford EcoSport:

The Ford EcoSport has been voted as one of the best newcomers in the compact SUV category, that has launched in the Indian market. Being categorized as a “compact” SUV, it surprises most by its spacious interiors. The car is said to be ideal for a family unit of five. It is supposedly been performing exceedingly well in the Indian market too. Without a doubt, if you’re looking to take your pooch on a vacation, the Ford EcoSport makes for a fabulous pick! This car model offers three variants which include one diesel and two petrol options too.

Hyundai Elite i20:

The Hyundai Elite i20 is one sleek hatchback that can also be a great dog-friendly car. The premium model has upped the game in the Indian market in its respective category with the fuel efficiency and the brands’ highly appreciated patent fluidic architecture. So don’t be tricked by its exterior, your dog might actually love that coziness and warmth factor this car has!  

Skoda Octavia:

One of the finest picks from the luxury segment in the Indian car market. The Skoda Octavia is highly regarded for its make and its compatibility on Indian roads. Your pup will surely be spoilt for choice with the car’s opulent interiors and space! We can assure you that with a car like this parked in your space, you’ll certainly be spending more time driving him or her around than walking him or her!

Toyota Innova:

Made for a larger family unit, this model is perfect for long-haul travels. In case your favorite mode of transport is by road, all the family members (including your most important furry family member), the Toyota Innova makes for a great investment! Just picture your furry one sticking his or her head out the rolled-down window for their tongue to get a taste of the fresh air against a mountainous backdrop. I know right – picture-perfect, or should we saw PAWfect!?

Honda City:

This sedan is a favorite amongst many Indian households. The Honda City is a popular pick due to its exterior and interior. If your pooch likes a change of space now and then, this is a perfect pick for you two! He or she can easily accompany you to your workplace thanks to the spacious backseat that acts as their compact lounge