Tinder Pledged Free In-App Invetory to Women-Led Businesses

Tinder Pledged Free In-App Invetory to Women-Led Businesses

Tinder recognises encouragement is instrumental in driving self-confidence, and a little support can go a long way. These women have worked tirelessly to solve problems, go after their dreams and shake up the start-up industry along the way. Tinder is committed to using their platform to amplify and support female-led businesses and recognises that if we all lift each other up, we’re all better for it. These women have more than earned their seat at the table, and this is a celebration of their tenacity.

This article is part of Tinder’s $1 Million dollar pledge to offer free in-app ad inventory to female-founded start-ups. In each story, 2 of the 10 recipients have been interviewed to get a glimpse of their journey as women founders, their company’s goal and vision.

Meet Devanshi Shah of PetKonnect
PetKonnect is an app that brings together animal lovers, irrespective of whether they have a pet or not. Founded with the intention of improving the pet-care available in India, Devanshi’s motivation behind this business stems from her own struggles with pet-care services, while tending to her pet dog, Hazel, who passed away. PetKonnect allows pet-parents in Mumbai to access doctors, services and even the BMC via their app, other animal lovers can reach out to NGOs if they see an estranged that needs medical help or foster care. The app has grown increasingly popular in the animal-loving community, and we picked Devanshi’s brain on this growth.
“At the beginning of last year, I conducted a market research exercise on pet services to identify gaps and design solutions to address these gaps. This research led to our first phase launch in September 2019. In the short span of 9 months, we have steadily grown our user base, introduced more services into our launch market of Mumbai and have also launched a PAN India 24 Hr vet-on-call service. I plan to use this PAN India service to introduce consumers to brand PetKonnect, as we work on a steady and concrete rollout of our complete range of services nationally,” she said.
Brushing upon the current lockdown and its effects on her businesses, Devanshi said, “The lockdown has had a mixed impact on my business. Some services have greatly suffered, others have boomed. The section of our app that allows users to access service providers in the pet sector as well as access emergency services has definitely taken a hit. However, we launched a 24 Hr Vet-on-call service in April, so users can access vets whilst socially distancing. We also launched an in-app BMC pet registration service so users can register their pets with local authorities from the comfort of their homes. The launch of these two services saw our user base jump by over 5000 just in the first two weeks of April. Like all brands right now, we have had to adapt.”

Talking about the impact that the Tinder ads can have on her business, Devanshi said, “We truly share our sincerest gratitude towards Tinder for creating such an amazing initiate to celebrate and support women entrepreneurs on Woman’s Day. Reaching out to Tinder’s extremely large user base, which I feel resonates deeply with our own, will help us take one big step closer to our dream.”

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