Pune Municipal Corporation make Pet-Licenses a Must!

Pune Municipal Corporation make Pet-Licenses a Must!

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is planning to launch an online facility through which animal lovers can get a pet license. Along with launching an online facility, the PMC will also introduce new rules and regulations that every animal pet parent must follow. The PMC will make it mandatory for pet parents to have a “No Obligation Certificate” (NOC) from their housing societies and have a muzzle on their pet in public places. These new rules and regulations have raised several concerns amongst animal welfare organizations.

While speaking to Times of India, veterinary superintendent of PMC, Sarika Punde stated that they are in the initial stage of planning. However, nothing has been decided. Whilst speaking about the new rules and regulations, she mentioned that the new rule of having a NOC will be optional. But, the rule of having a muzzle on your pet in public places is already printed in a booklet regarding the pet license issued by the PMC in 2015. She added that the PMC also has to consider those people who are scared of dogs.

To get a pet license, pet parents have to apply by visiting the nearest government office in their vicinity. They have to submit documents such as address proof, three passport-sized photographs of their pet and themselves, a photocopy of their pet’s vaccination certificate and pay a fee of INR 75. To renew the license, pet parents will have to visit the office and pay a fee of INR 50. The PMC is planning to have an online facility to make this process easier for pet parents.

Animal welfare activists in Pune do not agree with the municipal corporation’s decision of keeping a muzzle on their pet at all times in public places. They’ve put forward an opinion stating that if a pet is on a leash at all times and under their parent’s care, there is no requirement to put a muzzle on the pet. Activists mentioned that according to a circular prepared by the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) in the year 2014, housing societies do not have any right to ban their residents from keeping a pet.

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