Pets - Training Tips

Pets - Training Tips

While the idea of getting a pet home might seem fascinating. Training a pet is a tricky job to achieve and in some cases, it requires a lot of perseverance and patience.

To make life simpler and easier for you and your pet, we list down our go-to tips for all new pet owners.

  • Addressing your pet with a name - Your new pal deserves a wise name that it identifies and resonates with. This is to make him gather a sense of belongingness and that he matters to you and your home.
  • House Rules for the new member - Deciding on the DOs and DONTs before your new pet comes home will make your lives simpler and better to live.
  • Space up some room -  Setting up a room (if not an entire room, maybe a little space for sleeping) for your new pup or dog to settle down and unwind in his ways. Like his own territory or his den! Sounds prolific right?
  • Comfort is the key - Making sure the new entrant in the house and family doesn’t feel out of place. . Helping him get comfortable in his new home will be great for both of you.
  • Calling for the command-  Calling out your pet with its name and when Snoopy (hypothetical name) comes running, wagging its tail to see you is  perhaps the best feeling ever (of course, after a tight hug from your beloved). This will reinstill feelings of warmth and will help strengthen your bond with your pooch.
  • Appreciating their good behaviour - Rewarding  your puppy or dog's good behavior with positive embracements. It could be treats, toys,  love or showering him with praises!
  • Tackling the bad behaviour - Like you reward your lovely pup’s good behaviour, acknowledging its bad behaviour is only going to create confusion in his little head.
  • Being realistic in your approach - Changing your dog’s behavior is going to be time consuming. Accept that first and then move ahead with one thing at a time. Let them know what you want them to do - Clear briefing of what you want him to do rather than saying a NO is not going to help. Your pet needs explanation of what is rightfully expected of him to be done.
  • Consistent Sessions- Whatever you want your dog you learn, as an owner one must understand that being consistent and patient with your pet will work wonders. Not only you, but even your family members’ support is vital too.

An added bonus tip - Invest in a high quality pet food. Feeding your dog with protein sufficient diet can go a long way.  But be sure to choose  your pet’s food keeping in mind its routine and energy levels. It’s always advisable to consult a veterinarian for an appropriate diet for your pet.

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