Paw Tips 2020

Paw Tips 2020

Has this year begun on a good note for you? Would you say the same on behalf of your pet?

It is essential to make sure your pet receives all round care, attention, affection and nutrition. Here are few #PawTips to make your 2020 a Pawsome one.

Paw Tip1: Check your Pet’s Workout Plan

1: A switch from walking your pet to some intense agility training. However, an overdose can cause harm. Refrain from anything that would exert your pet.

2: Something new this year! How about a swim, a zumba session or yoga training with your four-legged.

3: As a daily routine a jog with your pet could be an ideal workout, however playing the game of fetch and chase could be additional bonus

Paw Tip 2: Follow Trends for your Furry Friends

1: To ensure your pet’s comfort, bring home a cozy little bed for him/her.

2: To never let him/her out of sight, a GPS tracker will always keep your pet by your side

3: Prevent boredom while you’re away, set up a mini-ball pool to help them play

Paw Tip 3: Keep your Pet Healthy and Beautiful Always

1: Brush your pet often depending on its fur coat. Long and medium-haired pet requires daily brushing, while short-haired can be brushed daily.

2: Shampoo and Condition your dog once a week.

3: Clip your pet’s nails once a month.

Paw Tip 4: Nutrition for your dog includes six basic nutrients: proteins, fats, water, carbs, minerals and vitamins

1: Sweet tooth for your dog does not demand chocolates instead try a protein rich treat.  

2: Avoid tap water and shift to bottled water

3: Feed your dog twice a day. Overeating can lead to obesity

Paw Tip 5: Tag your furry friend along to your 2020 vacation plan

1: Ensure you have a pet passport or all the legal documents before you step out

2: Do not forget to book pet-friendly accommodation with a healthy dog menu

3: Lastly, put on a collar or a tag on your pooch that will help you to identify your pet at all times