Neighbouring Countries Welcome Ukrainians and their Pets!

Neighbouring Countries Welcome Ukrainians and their Pets!

The unfortunate series of events in Ukraine have had residents leave their homes with their beloved pets. Neighbouring countries such as Poland, Hungary, and Romania have graciously opened their doors to the Ukrainians in such a distraught state of affairs. The residents of Ukraine are crossing the border along with their beloved pets without any strict restrictions. And, this has only been possible due to the relaxed restrictions as well as permissions granted by the neighbouring countries.

According to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), travelling with your pet across the border requires lots of formalities. The parent needs to submit a vaccination certificate for their cats or dogs. Their pets need to be microchipped and must have a negative report for rabies. These are just a few of the basic requirements.

Poland, Hungary, and Romania decided to relax these restrictions so that people can cross without any worries in this hostile situation. These three countries have been extending their arms and creating a safe space for all those fleeing from the country. 

However, the Romanian authorities have made it necessary to fill out an emergency exemption form and provide any pet document like a vaccination certificate. They will allow a Ukrainian resident to bring only up to five pets with them. The Hungarian and Polish authorities have replaced the restrictions by creating a single ‘transition form’. Each Ukrainian crossing the border needs to fill out this form.

PETA Germany is currently working on delivering around 20,000 kg of dog and cat food to Ukraine. The pet food will be made available to those who are stuck in the warzone along with their pets. The organization is also working towards arranging blankets and other pet necessities.