Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation To Sterilize and Vaccinate Stray Cats

Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation To Sterilize and Vaccinate Stray Cats

The Municipal Corporation in Navi Mumbai has taken the initiative to kickstart both sterilization and vaccination for stray cats. The veterinary department of the NMMC has labelled this as a “first-of-its-kind”. They proposed this idea and extended the invitation to individuals who have both, the knowledge and experience of sterilizing and vaccinating cats and dogs to join this imitative.


The approximate value for this initiative stands at INR 2.83 CR. While speaking to The Hindustan Times, Shriram Pawar, the deputy municipal commissioner and the veterinarian in charge said that “This is the first time that NMMC is even including cat sterilization into the process. This inclusion is ps per the norms stated by the Animal Welfare Board. There are a lot of stray cats in the city and getting them sterilized is becoming necessary. Therefore, we have plans to include this activity with the regular sterilization program of stray dogs”.


A similar system that stray dogs undergo will be implemented to sterilize and vaccinate cats. There will be a certain standard operating procedure laid out which is to be followed for felines. The officials have been asked to set up a separate ward that will look at only felines. This is primarily so that the team can keep a record of this data. There will also be a time lime in which only cats are to be tended to. The department is also focusing on providing the infrastructure for the procedure. Cat sterilization and vaccination setup are underway by the department. Kennels and operation theatres are part of the plan that is currently in the works.


While speaking about the initiative in greater detail, Shriram also pointed out, “There are a lot of factors that need to be worked out. At the outset, the idea is to attend to calls for stay cats as early as possible. There will be a system to be followed by the organizations to be awarded the contract that will include the time to be taken and the mannerism of the treatment to be provided”.

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