Mother Feline Who Lost Her Babies Adopts Two Orphan Kittens

Mother Feline Who Lost Her Babies Adopts Two Orphan Kittens

Stories that show the bonding between animals always melt one’s heart. This is a story is of a mother feline who lost her babies and has adopted two orphan kittens. There is a video clip of this feline family shared along with their story.

The 11-days-old kittens' parent shared the news of their adoption on Reddit. The parent took the kittens to the vet, where they came across this bereaved mother feline named Princess who had recently lost her babies.  

The pregnant feline was found abandoned on the street before she was rescued. Listening to this news, the kittens’ parent decided to take the kittens to the feline princess.

The moment princess met the kittens she instantly cleaned and cuddled them, wrapping her tail around the kittens to protect them. This moment was captured on camera and shared by the parent on Reddit.

The parent’s caption shared along with the video read, ‘Today, he took his orphaned kittens to meet a bereaved mother. The mother instantly adopted them and it was the loveliest thing ever witnessed.’

In the caption, it was also mentioned that the parent has left the kittens with princess until they are weaned and are ready to come home. The parent is ready to adopt princess along with the kittens.

Since being shared on the internet, the clip has received lots of love and support. The clip has tugged at the heartstrings of the netizens. Many people also mentioned that this clip made them shed happy tears.