Locals Rushed to Rescue a Feline Stuck on the Second Floor

Locals Rushed to Rescue a Feline Stuck on the Second Floor

The rescue story of a cat by fellow humans can brighten up your day and fill it up with positivity, it might also help in restoring your faith in humanity. This heart-melting rescue story that took place in Russia is about humans that went out of their way to save a cat that was stuck outside a second-floor window. The clip looks scary in the beginning and it takes a positive turn when two local men came forward for help.

In the 30 seconds clip, the distressed cat is seen stuck on the window of the second-floor apartment. It is seen struggling to get back inside the apartment in the city of Krasnodar, Russia. The cat was frightened and was making an attempt to get back inside safely while its parents were out for work.

According to the report, the feline seemed to be trying hard for more than an hour to get itself free. Locals present there immediately informed the emergency service about this alarming situation but they turned down their request for help.

After the emergency service denied helping, two of the local residents didn’t give up on the cat, they themselves went forward to help the feline. The two men named Denis and Sergi are seen in the video trying to help the cat from falling. They were successful in rescuing the cat by using a scaffold borrowed from a nearby construction site.

Using the scaffold, one of them climbed up to reach the feline. The duo used a metal pipe to push the feline back into the room and was successful in saving its life.

While speaking to a local news agency, a local resident and Sergi’s wife, Marina Grink stated that the feline was meowing for over an hour and since the emergency service refused to help the cat, the two men went out of their way to help that little one. The residents applauded the duo for their bravery and kindness.