Four Dog Parks in Mumbai You Just Cannot Miss!

Four Dog Parks in Mumbai You Just Cannot Miss!

We, Mumbaikars are often sucked into the hustle and bustle of daily lives. Due to the infrastructure and the way in which our houses are designed, our pets tend to miss out on a lush lawn to roll around. We underestimate the need for our furry ones who just might want to enjoy a luxurious run in the park or a simple game of go fetch. But worry not – there are a handful of green pastures that you can find yourself basking in the sun, with your pooch! Here are some of the spots you can take your furry one to lounge about:

Yari Road Pet Park, Andheri

This pet park gifted to all the near and dear furry ones residing in the area by the Bombay Municipal Co-operation. It is situated beside Poseidon located on Ashoka Road and is a blessing in disguise for our furry friends. It’s a safe, secure and well-maintained space. In addition to enjoying the picturesque sunsets with your furry one, the park arranges and hosts many events and awareness campaigns. A representative, Meenakshi Thakur, a member of the ARRA ( Ashoka Road Residents’ Association ) mentioned how having a park in the vicinity can also incentivize individuals to keep the place in and around the area clean as well as it being a safe place for pets to unwind.

Dog Park, Carter Road

Safe to say that even amidst the chaos of Bombay, this stretch is one of the most quaint and popular spots in the city. With a beautiful backdrop of the sea, it’s the “it” place where all the pooches reunite with their fellow furry ones and their respective humans. They’re often seen licking, sniffing and vigorously wagging their tails out of sheer happiness and excitement on seeing their mates!

ZOIC Pet Park, Borivali

ZOIC Pet Park is situated in I.C. Colony, Borivali. Many pet parents can be spotted enjoying play dates and pet-related pop-ups that are organized by a group of enthusiastic pet parents.

Hidden in I.C. Colony, Borivali, ZOIC Pet Park hosts a number of play dates and pop-ups for pooches and their parents. This park is managed by a number of canine lovers, they also have a Facebook groups dedicated to the park wherein parents can post queries or just mingle.

Priyadarshini Park, Malabar Hill

Priyadarshini Park lets dogs in the park for a specified time from around 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM in an area reserved for them. This park located in Malabar Hill is a seaside park that has a good amount of space for your furry one to run around and have a ball.

Vashi may not be home to a number of dog parks but it definitely has managed to dedicate a beautiful dog path where people are often seen walking their canines off-leash. During the early hours of the morning, very few people frequent this place, allowing more space for the four-legged ones to enjoy their exercise and fitness routine. This route is around four kilometres long and is therefore ideal for your furry one’s exercise session. It is located opposite Kanchan Junga Building in Sector 11, Kopar Khairane.

Apart from having a good time, your furry one will enjoy socializing with the other pets present as well as benefit from spending more time around you.