Feline Companionship Can be Therapeutic!

Feline Companionship Can be Therapeutic!

If you’re living alone, isolation might certainly kick in at some point which is why you can choose a furry companion of your choice. Pet ownership has been considered an ideal way to get friendly and secure some loyal companionship. A study states that more than 35 million households in the United States have at least one feline as their companion.

Felines are often known to have a reputation of living aloof and are independent even while living with humans. Some of the reasons why felines make great companions to humans are:


Felines are easier to look after in comparison to their canine counterparts. They are ideal for humans who have busy lives as they don’t need so much tending to. Little acts of affection sometimes are enough for your furry one. Some felines can get clingy sometimes while others prefer their own company.

Stroking and Petting can be comforting

Spending time with your furry one in the form of stroking or petting him or her while he or she lies next to you can be therapeutic to both you and your furry one. It is known to reduce anxiety and stress levels and sign of affection towards your furry one. Running your fingers through his or her fur can be extremely calming and soothing for both you and your furry one.

They don’t smell

Felines are very particular about grooming, it is in their blood by default. They clean their fur and skin at least twice a day which is why they don’t emit any odour. You can also snuggle with your furry one without worrying about the smell clinging on to you.

They don’t expect company all the time

Canines just show that puppy face and make you feel guilty for not having spent enough time with him or her. But felines will be happy to take a snooze if you push him or her away. They don’t crave for attention all the time and will be happy to give you a break from his or her company.           

Less vocal

Felines are usually quiet beings, unlike their canine counterparts. They do not use vocal communication a lot. Hence, you can enjoy some quiet, relaxing downtime with your furry one without any noise or disturbance.  

Felines need fresh food and fresh water daily along with a little mental as well as physical stimulation and he or she will automatically become your best friend. A little tender, loving, care, attention should do the trick. Both you and your furry one will receive the companionship you’re looking forward to.