Exclusive for Pet Registration App by Noida Authority

Exclusive for Pet Registration App by Noida Authority

Last year in December, an exclusive app to register your furry ones (cats and dogs) was launched on the Google play store. This app was launched by The Noida Authority’s CEO Ritu Maheshwari. The Noida Pets Registration App was built for the city to bring about a change in the existing pet community. In order to collect more pet registrations, the authorities decided to extend the registration date until February 14, 2022. If a pet hasn’t been registered on the app or has missed the deadline, pet parents could be fined a penalty fee. The fee could go up to INR 1,000/-.

Coordinator of the Noida Authority says -

While speaking to News18, the coordinator of the Noida Authority, Husana Praveen, stated that a camp will be arranged to spread awareness among pet parents and help them to register their pets. Pet parents who attend the camp will be needed to carry the required documents that the app needs to register the pet. 

This step was taken by the Noida Administration to control the spread of rabies due to an increase in dog bite cases. It also is an attempt to track the number of stray bulls or cows wandering on the streets. To ensure the community’s safety and the animal’s welfare, the authorities would work towards sending the strays to a shelter ( Gaushala ) in the vicinity.

Benefits -

Through this app, pet parents can also interact and engage with fellow pet parents creating a friendly and close-knit ecosystem. Aside from that, users make use of this app to file complaints against other irresponsible pet parents. A complaint can be filed against those who aren’t taking responsibility for their pet’s litter or other citizens causing any distress to pet owners.

The pet parents have to follow a process after they’re done registering their furry babies. For registration, pet parents have to pay an annual fee of INR 500/- to get their pets registered. A valid id proof, pet parent’s photograph as well as the pet’s vaccination certificate must be submitted. 

This app is a great step that will ensure safeguarding our pets from any nuisance caused by the locals. The app will also promote a healthy environment for both animals and citizens to co-exist in harmony!