Dog Breeds In India

Top 10 Popular Dog Breeds in India

India is a country of rich culture and geographic variation; it is also becoming a nation of increasing pet enthusiasts. Like any other country's dog breeds, dog breeds in India differ in size, shape, color coat, character, and temperament. Whether you need a friendly pet for your children or the whole family, a playful dog for an apartment dwelling, or a courageous protector for your house, there is a breed that will suit you.

This blog is a guide to choosing the right dog, as it covers the top 10 popular dog breeds in India. We will explore their personality, activity level, and adaptability to certain environments.

Friendly Dog Breeds in India: Laughter and Loyalty

In many Indian households, the friendliness of dog breeds can be a major concern. Here are some of the most popular choices:

  1. Labrador Retriever: Also known as Lab for short, the Labrador Retriever is what you may consider a quintessential family dog. Labs are friendly, smart, and known to crave the attention of their masters or their owners. They are very playful, making them ideal for children’s companions. They are also intelligent, which makes them easily trained, and they can perform many duties, like service dogs and therapy dogs.
  2. Golden Retriever: Another friendly dog breed that is also a golden member of this club is the golden retriever. These happy, faithful, and tender dogs love to play and can learn. The breed is known to be a happy-go-lucky breed that thrives in an active family home and needs exercise in the form of walks and playtime.
  3. Pug: These cute little creatures, with their wrinkled skin and stout figures, are endearing and can easily be adapted to living in spaces. Pugs are friendly dog breeds known to be affectionate to their owners and others. Though not very demanding when exercising, they must still be taken out daily for a walk and playtime.
  4. Beagle: Beagles, who vocalize with a distinct howl, are friendly, curious dogs. These high-knot energy dogs are perfect for families who go in for jogging, cycling, hiking, or any physically demanding activity. However, their strong prey drive means property owners must install secure fences and take the dogs for leash walks.
  5. German Shepherds: They are obedient and clever companions who are also great watchdogs and can be put to work in numerous positions. They may be prone to developing health issues but need experienced owners to offer them enough training and playing.
  6. Rajapalayam: This is one of the oldest dogs originating from India, and it is endemic to the country's southern parts. It is best known for its revealing loyalty and watchdog qualities complemented by short white-colored fur. Rajapalayam is not very popular like all breeds, but these dogs are amazingly loyal and perfect for those who want to be guarded by royal breeds.
  7. Doberman Pinscher: Dobermans, conversely, are muscular, elegant, and highly intelligent dogs known to be loyal and easy to train. They need a lot of patience and understanding, and they demand regular exercise. Even though Dobermans are wonderful family companion animals, owing to their size and natural guard dogs, not everyone can own them.
  8. Boxer: These dogs are social butterflies and are always happy to be around people. Their characters are always funny and full of energy. Boxers are good family dogs, particularly with children; nonetheless, they ought to be trained regularly and properly socialized.
  9. Siberian Husky: These cute dogs with remarkable blue vision are always bouncing around and very good at escaping. They are active by nature and prefer cold weather. This breed is not suitable for people who have no prior experience raising dogs.
  10. Rottweiler: Royal-looking protectors that remain faithful. They are deceitful and protective dogs, which makes them a suitable company for those who know how to train them firmly and socialize them adequately. They may not be appropriate for a small apartment space.

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Small Dog Breeds in India: Ideal for Apartments

Customers prefer small or toy dog breeds as they may live in apartments and have tiny living spaces available in India. Here are a few breeds to consider:

  • Pug: As mentioned above, pugs are recommended for apartment living because they are small and require little exercise.
  • Shih Tzu: These longhaired charmers are loyal, affectionate, and patient animals, which is why people like them. Shih Tzus has moderate grooming needs but suffices with moderate exercise regimens.
  • Indian Spitz: This intelligent and versatile dog breed is popular in the native Philippines. It is intelligent, active, and has lots of energy but is somewhat noisy. This breed requires daily walking and regular mental and physical workouts.

Which dog breeds are banned in India

However, it is essential to recommend different dog breeds to avoid in India before making the final decision. These are some of the breeds banned because of their size or even their aggressive behavior. Some commonly banned breeds include:

1. Pit Bull Terrier

2. Dogo Argentino

3. American Staffordshire Terrier

4. Tosa Inu

Finding the Best Dog Breeds in India for You

Deciding on which breed of dog is right for you in India depends on several factors, including your lifestyle and personality. Here are some additional factors to keep in mind:

  • Living Space: Are you living in a big house equipped with a garden or a comparatively small apartment with no backyard? Some breeds require lots of exercise, and these should not be chosen if the living conditions are unsuitable for such exercise.
  • Activity Level: Are you a sporty person who needs someone to run with, or are you a more cuddly type? It is also helpful to adopt the natural activity level of the breed with which you want to match your energy.
  • Temperament: Consider your family’s necessities and wants. Do you have children under seven who are simple play companions, or do you need a dog to care for and protect children?

Responsible Dog Ownership

However, any breed of dog, whether small or large, requires humane handling to prevent aggression. Here are some key points to remember:

  • Provide proper training and socialization: You should make sure that you give your puppy obedience classes so that it will not develop some habits you do not want to have.
  • Meet their exercise needs: Exercise such as walks, plays, and mental engagement are crucial in maintaining a dog's physical and emotional health.
  • Shower them with love and care: Dogs are friendly animals that love being around people and get along very well with them.


Dog breeding in India has diverse breeds; choosing one that suits your needs and lifestyle is a fun process. With the focus on your daily routine, character, and the circumstances wherein you would reside, it will be possible for you to come up with the right decision so that both of you will be happy for the rest of your lives as dog owners. Note that getting a dog from the shelter or rescue is one of the good things one can do and is saving the life of a deserving dog. Shelters contain many mixed breeds with individual temperaments and much love to offer.

It is important not to forget that each animal, in this case, a dog, is unique. As with any breed, every dog will be different and will have its character and requirements. Dog Care means time, effort, discipline, love, and desire for your pet and to know him.

With the right choice of breed and proper care for your pet, you are starting a wonderful process of sharing your home with a pet and building wonderful memories with it.


Breed Size (Weight Range) Energy Level Temperament Trainability Suitability for Appartments Shedding Grooming Needs Banned In India?
Labrador Retriever Large (55-75 lbs) High Friendly, Playful, Intelligent Excellent Moderate Moderate Moderate No
Golden Retriever Large (55-75 lbs) High Friendly, Loyal, Playful Excellent Moderate Moderate Moderate No
Pug Small (14-18 lbs) Moderate Loving, Playful, Good Well-suited Low High No
Beagle Medium (20-30 lbs) High Friendly, Curious, Energetic Good Requires Secure Fencing Moderate Low No
Shih Tzu Small (9-16 lbs) Moderate Affectionate, Gentle Good Moderate Low High No
Indian Spitz Medium (20-30 lbs) Moderate Alert, Playful, Vocal Good Moderate Low Moderate No
German Shepherd Large (65-90 lbs) High Intelligent, Loyal, Protective Excellent Not ideal Moderate Moderate No
Rajapalayam Large (40-70 lbs) High Loyal, Protective, Regal Good Not ideal Low Moderate Yes (in some regions)
Doberman Pinscher Large (60-90 lbs) High Loyal, Trainable, Protective Excellent Not ideal Low Moderate Yes (in some regions)
Boxer Large (50-80 lbs) High Playful, Energetic, Goofy Good Moderate Not ideal Moderate Low