Do Dogs Like Music?

Do Dogs Like Music?

Wouldn’t you want to jam with your furry one during a night in? The two of you lazing about indoors, unwinding, and enjoying some tunes! Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? But how about we tell you that you could curate a canine-approved playlist that you two could jam to – wouldn’t that make the night-in ideal?

To everyone reading this, this might take you by surprise, but science proves that dogs have a basic understanding to pitch and react to certain music.

The Scottish SPCA (Scotland’s Animal Welfare Charity) and the University of Glasgow’s research paper were quoted. It was stated that music tends to alter a dog’s behavior. A couple of researchers carried out a social experiment in a shelter situated in Dumbarton. They took note of certain mannerisms and behavioral changes whilst playing various tunes for the canines. The results stated that canines reacted positively to different tunes and genres. It confirmed that each canine had a particular preference of song or genre that they ended up liking or turning their heads too!

Another case study that was conducted and recorded in 2002 suggested that classical music had a positive and calm effect on dogs. They instantly stopped barking and decided to lay down and rested in a particular position. In addition, canines have reacted well to audiobooks as well. It happens to be the most ideal pick of the lot. It tends to be soothing for their ears.

The SPCA also conducted a study closely to monitor how a dog’s stress levels drop due to classical tunes. The furry one’s postures changed. They switched to a more relaxed position. Male canines reacted better to the music than female dogs. They also kept a close watch on the furry ones’ saliva and heart rates. The results changed after the pooches were listening to music.

Spotify has released pet playlists specifically for you to play for your loved ones. They enquire a bit about what pet you have, details about his or her temperament/characteristics, and based on that, they curate a playlist just for your pet!