DIY Top 5 Summer Treats for your Furry Baby

DIY Top 5 Summer Treats for your Furry Baby

Humans enjoy having a scoop of ice cream during summers to cool them down. Unfortunately, you can’t share a lot of the same ice cream with our furry baby. Those frozen goodies aren’t suitable items for your pooch to consume. But you can DIY a special frozen treat just for your furry baby.

You can make your very own, homemade, dog-safe frozen treat using your furry baby’s favourite fruits. It is a great way to help your pooch cool down during the summers. And while you enjoy your favourite ice cream your furry baby can enjoy his or her favourite frozen treats too.

Here are the top five frozen treats recipes that have been marked as favourite by most of the pooches. These treats are easy to make, they are not only healthy but will also make your furry one happy.

Apple-topped peanut butter bites

This is a perfect treat for your furry one to devour while he or she is cooling off in the shade. Most of the canines love having peanut butter; hence these fruit & nut frozen treats won’t disappoint them.


1 cup of plain or Greek yogurt

1 apple

2 tablespoons of peanut butter


Take Greek yogurt and peanut butter, put them together in a mixing jar and let them blend nicely together, add a bit of water into the mixture only if you need a thinner mixture.

Cut the apple into small bite-sized pieces and ensure that you have removed all the seeds.

Fill your ice cube trays with the yogurt and peanut butter mixture and then add the sliced apple pieces in the centre of each slot.

Put the ice tray in the freezer and let your pup enjoy it once the mixture is frozen

Breath freshening minty freezies

This treat is a great refresher for your pooch since this treat contains parsley and mint leaves. These “herby-licious” treats have many more surprising health benefits too. Mint is a powerful herb that has antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties, it helps in preventing bacteria development in your pooch’s mouth. Parsley helps in the process of digestion; it can reduce inflammation and is even known to have cancer-preventing properties.


1 cup of plain or Greek yogurt

A small handful of fresh parsley leaves

A small handful of fresh mint leaves


Take a scoop of Greek yogurt, add parsley and mint leaves into a mixing jar and blend them until the mixture smoothens.

You can add some water if you think the mixture is too thick and if you want to make the mixture thin to give it a better pouring consistency.

Fill the ice trays with this mixture and let them freeze.

Freeze until the mixture solidifies and then it’s ready to be served.

Chicken stock and parsley freezies

Have you tried making these meat- flavoured frozen treats for your furry baby? If not yet, then this is your chance to make one. Meat is a good source of protein for your furry baby. If you are very considerate about your canine’s weight, then these are a perfect low-calorie treat that your pooch will definitely enjoy. Meat flavoured treats with a bunch of parsley added will help keep your pooch’s breath nice and fresh.


1 reduced-salt chicken stock cube

450ml of water

A small handful of parsley


Take a bowl, add the chicken stock cube and dissolve it thoroughly into the water and keep it aside

Finely chop the parsley leaves, add them to the chicken stock and give it a stir

Pour the mixture into ice trays and allow the mixture to freeze

You can serve these treats on their own or you can also add one cube of the treat into your furry one’s water bowl to add flavour into the water.

If you are concerned about your pooch not drinking enough water during the summers, then these meat flavoured treats might encourage them to do so.

Fruity “pupsicle”

Everyone enjoys a popsicle during the hot summer days. With this “fruity pupsicle” your canine won’t be left out while you enjoy your icy Popsicle. This is the perfect treat to indulge your pooch while you both are relaxing outdoors.


1 ½ cups of strawberries

2 bananas

½ cup coconut oil

Dog biscuits

A cup of water


Add the strawberries and bananas into a mixing jar and blend them until smooth. Then heat the coconut oil until it melts.

Stir the fruits mixture and coconut oil together. The mixture should be thick like soft melted ice cream.

Add the mixture into paper cups and cover them with a cling wrap or a cling film.

Cut a small hole in the centre of the cling wrap or a cling film and add dog biscuits in the centre of the mixture in paper cups, through the holes made. It helps in keeping the biscuits in an upright position while the mixture freezes.

You can serve the “fruity popsicle” to your pooch once the mixture is frozen

Coconut drops for a shiny coat

Coconut oil is delicious; it is refreshing and has many health benefits for your pup. This treat will not only help in improving your dog’s skin and coat by making it smooth and silky but will also protect your pooch from diseases and illness. In addition, it will help in speeding up the healing process if your pooch is feeling under the weather.


1 cup of organic coconut oil

A handful of blueberries (optional)

A teaspoon of honey (optional)


Take a bowl, add coconut oil and place the bowl over a pan of boiled water until the coconut oil softens.

Once the coconut oil softens, shape them into small bite-sized balls.

You can add some honey and blueberries or any other fruit that your pooch enjoys while you’re shaping the coconut oil balls.

Place those balls on a tray and put them into the freezer

Serve the treat when the coconut oil balls harden since coconut oil will stay in shape only until its frozen and in cool temperature.

You can store these coconut oil balls in air-tight containers and serve it to your pooch as and when needed.

Before you dive into making these recipes, here are a couple of tips that you need to remember in order to keep your pooch healthy and safe.

Can you feed Greek Yoghurt to your canine?

Greek yogurt is safe and healthy for your canine unless he or she is lactose intolerant. Greek yogurt is high in proteins when compared to normal yogurt and has probiotic qualities. When fed in moderate quantities, regular consumption can help in improving your dog’s digestion and strengthen their immune system. However, it’s a dairy product and some canines are intolerant toward dairy products. If Greek yogurts do not agree with your pooch, you will have to stick to non-yogurt summer treats.

Pooch Overindulging

Summertime is a great time for you and your pooch to indulge. But one must ensure that your pooch doesn’t overindulge. Along with summertime treats, moderation and enough exercising is the key to keep your pooch happy as well as healthy.

Frozen treats along with ice or ice water

Frozen treats, ice and ice water are safe for your pooch to consume, but it is necessary to ensure that your pooch is consuming them in moderation.  If canine drinks or eats any type of food too quickly and without moderation, it can lead to bloating. Ensure that your pooch consumes or enjoys his meals as well as water slowly and nicely.