DIY Peanut Butter & Jelly Parfait!

DIY Peanut Butter & Jelly Parfait!

Ooooh, did you say a pet parfait? Wouldn’t you just love to 'pawmper' your pup with a parfait? Jeez – that sounds like a mad tongue twister, doesn’t it!? Well, the weekend is here and so are your pup’s cravings. The dinner party prep is in full swing. But do not forget your furry one who’s feeling left out. His appetite won’t get full just ogling at the sumptuous spread.

Parfait is a French word for “perfect”. However, for the uninitiated, the dessert, parfait, is a cold dessert made with sugar, whipped cream, fruit, egg, and love! Although, as the years have passed and food has evolved, a parfait is now known as a decadent layered dessert that is served in a very elegant looking glass. But imagine a parfait made for pets! In the world we live in now, anything is 'pawsible' considering pets are our children.

As the traditional parfait may not be an ideal pet-friendly dessert, you can always remix it to match his/her palate by swapping a couple of ingredients. This will surely make him/her beam on a gloomy day. It surely makes for a refreshing “once in a blue moon” snack!

Enough talking, more working, and getting to making this parfait!


  • Greek Yoghurt (Unflavoured)
  • Peanut butter (Unsalted)
  • Strawberries or Blueberries (You can use any one of them)
  • Peanut butter flavored cookie treat
  • Bowl to prepare the parfait
  • Blender

To start making the parfait, the first thing you need to prepare is the jelly. Wash your strawberries or blueberries thoroughly and put them into the blender. Make a smooth puree, you may strain the puree to get rid of unblended seeds. Taadaa! Your jelly is now ready. Remember since we are making it for our furry one, do not add additional sugar. 

Take your parfait bowl and spread yogurt at the bottom of the bowl. Use a spoon to evenly spread it. Add a spoon of peanut butter to the yogurt and spread it evenly.  Your third layer will be the jelly.

After you’ve completed this, take a peanut butter dog treat (you can use any other biscuit treat that your furry one likes) and crush it. Add the crushed treat into the bowl. It will act as your fourth and the last layer.

If you wish to prepare one more layer, you may continue to do so by following the same method. If not, you can prepare another bowl of parfait and save it for later. Because moderation is key! You can cover the bowl with a cling wrap or foil and pop it into the fridge to preserve it. The parfait can be stored for up to 2 days. Your pup can enjoy this bowl on another day.

Now that’s super simple, isn’t it? Including the prep and the part where you put it all together, it barely takes anywhere between 20 - 30 minutes!

Remember consistency is key. It almost decides whether the parfait is really parfait! If you know what we mean. This treat will not only satisfy his or her sweet tooth cravings but will also be a good source of calcium, proteins, and anti-oxidants. It is the perfect low-calorie treat for your furry one. Be your pet’s superhero, after all, you are parfait for each other!