DIY: Hammock for your furry baby!

DIY: Hammock for your furry baby!

Lounging on a hammock is one of the most relaxing things to do. Since felines love a good nap time, you can give your furry one the same relaxing experience by creating a simple and inexpensive cat hammock. It will be the perfect place for your furry baby to lounge, snooze or enjoy his or her nap time.

Making a cat hammock is super simple and it might just take you an hour to put this hammock together. All you need is:

  • Sturdy cardboard depending on the size of your cat
  • Spare blanket
  • Hot glue or Tape
  • Scissors

Make sure to use corrugated cardboard that has smooth layers on the outside and has a wavy layer in between. Using single-layered or thin cardboard might not support the weight of your furry baby. If your furry baby is overweight you will have to build a hammock using a wooden frame. You can build the frame similar to the structure created on the cardboard.

You can start by using tape or hot glue to secure the box. With the help of a ruler, trace straight lines by keeping 2 to 3 inches (5 to 7 cm). Continue to follow the process on each of the 4 vertical sides of the box.

Carefully cut along the tracked lines on the box with the help of a cutter or x-acto knife. It will then create a square opening on each of the 4 vertical sides.

Take the blanket and cut it according to the size of your box. Make sure you cut the blanket keeping 4 inch (10 cm) wider on each side so that your blanket is bigger than your box.

Spread the sheet and make a diagonal slit on each corner of your blanket. Keep in mind to cut the slits at least 4 inch (10 cm) long so that you have enough fabric to tie a knot at the corner of the box.

Use a pair of sharp scissors to make holes on the box. Make 2 holes in the halfway or two-third up on the sides of the box. Repeat the process on each corner of the box, but make sure that the holes created on each corners are at the same level.

Take a corner of the blanket and feed one of the slit through the hole made, feed the other slit through the hole that’s next to it and tie a knot on the outside of the box. Continue following this process on every corner. It will make the blanket hang in the middle of the box.

Put another piece of the blanket at the bottom of the box or the hammock tower, it will give your furry baby another comfy spot to rest or sleep.

You can decorate the hammock by adding an attractive colour to it, by adding your furry baby’s favourite toy or their name to give it a personalized effect.