DIY Disposable Water Bowl

DIY Disposable Water Bowl

Going on a long drive with your furry one? Don’t’ forget to take his or her dear things long!

Adventurous parents love to take their furry ones on long drives, hikes, camps and other vacations. While picking up everything you need for the trip, do you also remember to pick up everything that your furry one needs! Not necessarily no. There is a chance that you might sometimes miss out on his or her water food or water bowl. 

In case that happens, worry not. Here’s a simple DIY idea for a disposable water bowl. It is easy to make and doesn’t require much time or material to make it. The benefit of having a disposable water bowl is that he or she can drink water whenever he or she pleases and it’ll help keep him or her hydrated at all times.


  • Cardboard or cereal box (if you plan on making two bowls, then you’ll need two boxes)
  • Empty cereal bag
  • Scissors
  • Pen or marker
  • Ruler


Step 1: Remove the cereal bag and clean it inside out. There should not be any residue of cereal left inside or outside the bag.

Step 2: Open the cereal box and flatten it out. Open out all the four flaps of the bottom end.

Step 3: Once the flaps are opened out, use a ruler and mark the depth of the bowl. This should be done depending on the size and breed of your furry one as well as his or her muzzle.

Step 4: After marking the depth, now draw a line along the box and cut the line. This will form the circumference of the bowl. The rest of the box can be kept away for another purpose. When the strip is separated from the rest of the box, allow it to take a circular shape as opposed to its current triangular shape.

Step 5: Now take the cereal bag and cut it open. Look for the appropriate height, cut the bag measuring its height to be twice the size of the cardboard strip. For instance, if the strip is 2 inches thick, the bag should be 5” in height. Cut the bag to use 5” of it and discard the rest away.

Step 6: Place the bag inside the cardboard circle and fold its edges around the cardboard circumference. This should be done similarly to putting a garbage bag in a bin and adjusting it well.

There it is! Your furry one’s DIY disposable water bowl is ready. This bag is also easily portable to carry around. You can simply dispose of the cereal bag and replace it with another whenever you feel like it. This disposable bowl lets your furry one remain hydrated and keeps him or her healthy even on the go!