DIY Cat Camper

DIY Cat Camper

In this current situation, it may seem difficult to step out and buy toys for your furry one. While you’re still at home and have the time, how about spending it constructively! Here’s an idea to do something for your feline, a gift she will adore.

Here’s a DIY cat camper, a hideout made of a cardboard box. It can also be made to look like a getaway vehicle for your furry one to enjoy!


Cardboard boxes, duct tape, scissors, marker, spray paint, construction paper

Step 1:

Take a medium-sized cardboard box and tape two of the end flaps. Leave the other two free as they help create the camper shape. Create a stencil of cardboard in the shape of an airstream. Use this stencil to mark the areas that need to be cut to create the signature rounded corners. Cut the corners to make the edges rounded.

Step 2:

After the airstream is created, paint the entire thing in a layer of silver spray paint (or any other colour of your choice). Let it dry well before moving on.

Step 3:

Once the paint has dried, use a round stencil and draw a semicircle on one side of the camper. Now using a straight-edged stencil trace a line to the bottom of the box. This will create the door. Once you’ve cut the semicircle and the straight end, bend the door inside-out to create a crease. To make a window, trace a rectangular stencil and cut the shape. Using the same technique, add another window on the back of the camper.

Step 4:

Now decorate your newly created camper by adding construction paper and a marker. You can add taillights, canopy and license plate if you’d like to go the extra mile. Once you’ve decorated the camper from the outside, now place cushions and some of your feline’s favourite toys inside the camper to make your furry one feel at home.