Common Pet breeds & requirements

Common Pet breeds & requirements

Before getting yourself a new pet, there are few things that you might want to consider. Just to make sure, the new addition to your home and heart is comfortable.

India, being a tropical climate country has its own pros and cons when it comes to having a pet. As different breeds behave differently to live sustainably. But don't worry, we got you sorted.

We have segregated the list of best dog breeds for families in India :

Rottweiler :

Rottweiler’s is a powerful breed and well suited as guard dogs and rottweiler are lovable dogs irrespective of their strength. They are highly energetic so an evening and a morning walk is recommended.  As they are powerful, it is advised to train the dog such that it obeys the family members.

Dachshund :

Dachshund is a lively breed and easily gets along well with its fellow human beings. It is known for its short height and long bodies. Because of its small size you can have dachshund as an apartment dog or even in smaller homes. Dachshund has a tendency to become lazy and overweight so a daily walk is recommended.

Pomeranian :

Another breed of small dog is the Pomeranian, widely called as ‘Pom’ is a toy breed. They can easily be treated as  best apartment dogs or small home dogs. They do not need much exercise and are easy to maintain. The only drawback is the constant hair grooming which is needed due to the hair fall. They are great toy dogs for adults and kids and are very friendly.

Doberman :

Doberman is one of the intelligent large dogs and smartest dog breeds and very easy to train. But due to their size they are not recommended for apartments and they need to be on a strict diet and need strict exercise. They are generally not well suited for small homes as they are very active dogs and love running.

Pug :

Popularly known as the 'Vodafone dog' in our country is a really cute dog except for its funny face and the tongue which constantly wets its nose. Pugs are easy to maintain and do not need much focus. Pugs are adorable with kids. They are easily suited for apartment and can be even carried in your hand as a style statement.

German Shepherd :

German Shepherd popularly used for defense and other military activities are best guard dogs in India. German shepherds need to be trained to socialize else they develop a tendency to be nervous and overprotective around strangers. They are very good companion dogs for kids.

Golden Retriever / Labrador Retriever :

Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever fit more or less in the same category as both of them have similar traits. They are the perfect protective family dog and welcoming to strangers. Both the retrievers are highly energetic and demand a daily workout. You could have noticed a lot of retriever’s out their are overweight and suffer a problem of knee injury due to their weight. Retrievers love playing the fetch game and any sort of games for that matter. In fact, retrievers know to play fetch naturally without any training.

Indian Pariah :

Indian Pariah also known as the ‘Indian Stray Dog’ are the best breed to have. They can suit any environment – apartment or farmhouse. They do not demand attention or workout. They are easy to maintain and very loyal. Indian Pariah’s can be easily trained to hunt or guard. However, in India most families stay far from the breed keeping.

 So now that you are aware of the breeds,

Be wise and decide on a breed for yourself. Happy Petting to you!