Can Dogs Consume Ice Cream?

Can Dogs Consume Ice Cream?

You scream I(ce) scream, we all scream for Ice Cream! As tempting as it may seem for you to share a spoon of your scoop, it’s best that you don’t give in to those puppy eyes. Your best bet is to keep your furry one away from dairy products. They tend to get terribly sick or may develop dental or weight issues. In some cases, he or she could also get diagnosed with diabetes. 

•  Dairy Products Ain’t So Merry!

Milk products and a dog’s digestive system don’t go hand in hand. They may experience adverse reactions to milk or any other dairy products! A few such products have proteins in them which he or she may not react well to. As a result, it could cause them severe diarrhea, vomiting and in a few situations, stinging skin rashes too. 

• Cancel Calorie Consumption!

Another problem with ice cream is the sugar content and calories that come with it. Sugary items are a complete no-no for your pooch. It can cause weight gain and obesity. This then could be the reason for his or her health to go downhill. There are other health hazards that string along with weight gain and obesity. Giving your pooch sugar-free ice cream isn’t the solution either. Some sugar-free ice creams or even vegan ice creams can be harmful too. Sugar-free ice creams may have xylitol that is used as a sugar substitute which is extremely toxic for him or her. Vegan ice creams are made of nut-based milk and can cause more damage than even regular ice cream. It’s best to stay away from the alternatives. They’re far more lethal than helpful.

•  A Dangerous and Toxic Terrain!

Flavours like chocolate have a substance called theobromine. They are extremely perilous to his or her health. Your canine’s body can be poisoned and must be rushed to the veterinarian in the event of chocolate consumption. 

What may seem great to share, because you care, may not be advisable even if they give you a death stare. He or she may be consuming quite a lot of calories during the day so it’s extremely essential to keep a watch on whatever he or she eats. There are a number of cool treats that can be made at home, from scratch, if you don’t want to hurt his or her sentiments. There are numerous ways to pamper your furry one with some pet-friendly, pet-safe treats!