Can Cats Swim

Can Cats Swim

Most felines instinctively know how to swim, but they just prefer not to. Most pet parents know that their feline doesn’t enjoy being around water. However, there are a few pet parents who will agree about his or her feline enjoying the water.

Felines are mainly known to have developed the fear of water since most of them aren’t introduced to water until they grow up. Therefore, introducing cats suddenly to water could be overwhelming to them. Felines are well-known for smartly avoiding all the things they hate or dislike.

There are some breeds that enjoy being in the water and are not so sensitive towards it. Feline breeds such as the Turkish Van and the Turkish Angora, who are also known as “the swimming cat”. This breed is known for its love for water and excellent swimming skills.

If you want your furry one to start swimming, then the best way to introduce him or her to water is when he or she is a kitten. Kittens won’t be scared of something that they do not understand. If you introduce your kitten to water at an early age, he or she won’t be scared of it and will eventually learn to swim.

There are some rules and regulations that one must ensure to follow while you introduce your cat to water.

  • Ensure that the water temperature is slightly warm and not too chill for them
  • Ensure to not make a lot of splashing sounds and try to keep the sound minimum
  • Do not force your kitten to get into the water if he or she is not willing to enter
  • Ensure that the pool in which you introduce your feline to water has a ramp for an easy exit.
  • Make sure that the pool doesn’t have too many chemicals in it. Too much chemical can cause rashes or skin infections to your furry one.

Cats have deep ear canals so there is a lot of space for water to get inside their ears causing various ear infections. Felines instinctively do not put their ears into the water, but it is always better to thoroughly dry their ears after a good swim session.

According to vets, it is safe for your feline to swim. But, if your feline isn’t comfortable swimming, it might just mean that he or she doesn’t like being in water or is just bored to swim. If your feline is introduced to water at a young age, it is always advisable to follow the safety precautions mentioned above.