Animal Habitat continues to burn down in Australia’s forest fire

Animal Habitat continues to burn down in Australia’s forest fire

The arrival of the New Year saw more than 200 bushfires across Australia. Approximately around 68 that were not contained. Over nine people were found dead, thousands of Koalas were amongst the many animals who bore the brunt of the forest fire.

Every citizen’s battle with the bushfire has continued for several weeks now. Many residents have even lost their homes and their belongings while some have lost their loved ones too. Many wild animals have migrated while others have been victims to the forest fire.

Last week, two photographs took the internet by storm. An agonizing picture of a Koala and a fire fighter together was captured.  The photo showed the firefighter watching the bushfire burn down the animal’s habitat.

Another video that was circulated was of the fire fighter feeding water to a thirsty koala. Both the pictures were consoled by netizens across the globe.

While speaking to The Independent, NSW fire and rescue commissioner Greg Mullins said, “The Government should be looking at scooping aircraft to blow off the bushfires. Croatia, Italy, France, Portugal and Canada have all got them, and they are all in mothballs in winter. There are dozens of them and they are cheaper than jets. If the government wanted to make an impact, just about every state and territory could have a couple of them if the government kicked the tin. They could get on to the Canadian government and I am sure they would be here in a week. They’d have as many as we want.100 Blue Mountains homes destroyed by bushfire could have been spared with greater aerial support”.

As the issue was extremely hazardous to all, the New South Wales Government had to declare a State of Emergency. This is the second time in the span of two weeks. At first it was the Amazon Rainforest Fire that caused smoky and foggy days in Brazil. Now, it’s an Australian fire.

We hope and pray that there is no next!

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