A New Grooming Centre for Pets to be Opened in Patna, India

A New Grooming Centre for Pets to be Opened in Patna, India

A new grooming centre for pets has recently been inaugurated in Patna. This new grooming centre is situated at the “Bihar Animal Sciences University” veterinary College. The grooming session includes haircuts, nail trimming, ear cleaning and paw cleaning for pets. Pet parents in the city can now take their pets to the grooming centre to experience or have a delightful grooming session.

According to the veterinarians, around four to six canines can get themselves groomed at the centre every day. Apart from grooming sessions, the centre also provides various exercise sessions for the furry ones. The exercise does not only make the pets look better but also protects them from various diseases and illnesses.

While speaking to a local news agency, assistant professor at Veterinary Clinic Complex, Dr Vivek Kumar Singh stated that they have plans to develop a grooming clinic similar to a dermatology clinic so that they can provide services such as customised bath for pets with skin infection, anti-tick bath for the removal of fungal infection and various other medications.

Satya Kumar, the public relations officer at the University, mentioned that this newly inaugurated grooming centre is a one-stop destination for the over-all fitness and hygiene of the pets. He further added that a pet must be cleaned, medicated and should receive a haircut every fifteen days.

Most of the pet owners in the city feel relieved after the inauguration of this pet grooming centre. One of the pet-parent who is currently studying, Harsh Shrivastava stated that his pet recently recovered from a deadly virus and he wants to take all the preventive steps possible to ensure that his pet does not fall sick again. He mentioned that he will take his pet to this grooming centre to make sure his pet is clean and sickness-free.

Dr. Vivek also explained about a deadly virus called “Parvo”, which is mostly found in domestic cats and dogs. This parvovirus is highly contagious and can easily spread from strays cats and dogs to your pets. Dr Vivek requested every pet-parent to protect their pets and take all the preventive measures possible to keep them safe.