14 Pups Left in Distress were Rescued by an NGO in Lohegaon, Pune

14 Pups Left in Distress were Rescued by an NGO in Lohegaon, Pune

After being left abandoned in a closed house in Khese Park in Lohegaon, Pune for more than ten days, two pups, eight mixed breed adult dogs, and four adult Labrador retrievers were rescued by a local NGO called ‘RESQ’.Various sources, including members of other city-based animal care activists, informed a team of volunteers at the NGO ‘RESQ’ about the issue.

The owner of the house was a single lady who lived there along with her 14 pets. She suffered a stroke in the last week of December and was admitted to the hospital, leaving her fourteen pets locked in the house. The lady’s mother who was residing in Calcutta arrived in Pune after the New Year. The RESQ NGO tried to get in touch with the lady’s sisters living in the United Kingdom and the United States so that they could adopt these abandoned furry ones. After being informed about the circumstances, the family relinquished the adoption rights to the NGO

While speaking to Times of India, the head of the RESQ NGO, Tuhin Satarkar stated that the lady’s family friend used to feed these furry ones from the window, but they had no water to drink. The power of the house had been cut off. The furry ones were constantly barking in distress and the entire house was filled with an overwhelming stench of feces and urine.

He further added that some of the canines were scared and when they saw volunteers coming to rescue them. Most of the canines were malnourished and in shock. Currently, the canines are residing at the NGO’s animal shelter. The volunteers will help in nursing them and give good care to them. Once the furry ones are healthy, they will be put up for adoption.

According to sources, in this case, no legal action will be taken against the parent. However,  they emphasized that most animal hoarders begin with good intentions but they end badly for the animals.