What to look for in a Pet sitter

What to look for in a Pet sitter

Traveling out of town but can’t take your fur-buddy along? That is never fun. But there are circumstances where you do not have a choice and have to travel without your pets and in such cases you want to make sure you have someone to look after them while you are away. Pet sitters are always a good option when it comes to such situations, but it is also really important to ensure your pet is in safe hands. 

Here are a few qualities to look for in a pet sitter:

1. A strong resume:

Always ask for a resume, could be pet related or non-pet related, this helps you understand and get a better picture of who your pet-sitter is. A pet sitter that has experience will definitely put you at ease in the long run. A good pet sitter should be knowledgeable and understand basic needs of a pet. They should be an animal lover as well as be good at bonding with pets.

2. Comfortable/Bonds with your pet:

This part is naturally important as you do not want to leave your beloved pet with someone they aren’t comfortable with or don’t bond with. Pets tend to get uncomfortable around new humans especially if they are shy. You can schedule a few bonding sessions with your pet sitter before your trip to check if they bond with each other and that they can take time to get comfortable around each other, if your pet isn’t bonding with the pet sitter or isn’t comfortable, it is recommended to look for another pet sitter as you shouldn’t force your pet.

3. Educated about pets:

Professional pet sitters are always educated about pets. They know about different breeds, their physical needs as well as their nutritional needs. They are also aware of animal resources in the community such as vet clinics, pet store, pet friendly cafes, parks etc. They are also aware of different threats to your pet and are always prepared. 

4. They respect your pet’s needs:

Most of the dogs have a specific time they go for their walk at, or cats have a time they eat at. You need to ensure your pet sitter understands your pet’s needs and respects their schedule. Taking your dog on their regular time for a walk and feeding them on their regular time is really important or else it can ruin their daily routine. 

5. They are insured:

A professional pet sitter will always be insured. Having their license and insurance shows their professionalism and is really important. They take out time to get insured as they understand that things can happen that are beyond their control. 

6.They have great reviews:

It is always important to check their reviews beforehand, this helps you understand their work through pet parents who share their views on them. This way you can also be assured about your pet being safe and happy while you are gone.

We hope these tips help you find a perfect pet sitter and a new friend for your pets. Not only will you be comfortable leaving your pet with their new friend, but they too will enjoy a new company while you are away.