Winter Care Tips for Pets

Winter Care Tips for Pets

The time between December to February is extremely cold, not just for us humans but also for our beloved pets. Hence, it is our responsibility to ensure our pets are safe and comfortable during these cold days.

Here are a few things you can do to take extra care of our furr-babies during cold winter days.

  1. Keep your pets indoor:

Be it dogs, cats or small pets, all these animals feel cold. Hence, it is vital to protect them from being exposed to cold. Long haired or thick-coated pets tend to be more cold-tolerant, but can still fall sick. Short haired pets feel the cold faster because they have less protection. During winter days ensure your pet stays as much indoor as possible and in case your pet falls sick, taking them to veterinarian is a must.

  1. Cozy Bedding:

Don’t let your pet sleep on the floor. Keep a warm blanket for them on their bed. You can also put your old blanket which will have your smell and will comfort your pooch. Keep their bed in a warm corner of the house.

  1. Take care of your pooch’s paw:

Keep your pet’s walks short during winter days, or walk during daylight. Getting your pet shoes can be helpful, this can help prevent frostbite. Moisturise your pet’s paw after every walk and throughout the day.

  1. Increase intervals between baths:

Baths tend to dry out their skin as it does to yours. Dry skin can cause extreme discomfort in pets. Depending on the temperature of your area, give them bath with warm or lukewarm water. Ensure to dry them off and not let them step outside with a wet coat.

  1. Feed them well:

It is necessary to keep your pet at a healthy weight during winter. Increase your pet’s food supply, especially protein. This can help them burn more energy keeping them warm during cold days. Ensure to not overfeed them, and that they get plenty of exercise.

  1. Buy warm clothes for them:

There are plenty of options for winter wear available in the market with multiple colors, designs and price variants. These clothes help keep your furr-friend not only look stylish but also keeps them warm.

  1. Keep them hydrated:

Hydration is always important, but during winter, pets tend to avoid drinking water. Dehydration can be life threatening and hence ensuring our pets have their usual quota of water is a must. We can also encourage them by including broths and soups in their diet.

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  1. Do not leave your pet alone in the car:

As we know hot cars are a threat to our pets, so do cold cars. They are equally dangerous to our pets. It can act as a refrigerator in the cold weather and can freeze your pets. Pets that are young, thin or old can fall sick easily and should never be kept in a car alone.

  1. Protect outdoor animals:

Cars are one of many hazards to stray animals. They may crawl down the car or crawl up the hood as warm engine helps them to survive during cold winter nights. So make sure you check below your car and in the hood, to avoid injuries you can bang on your car to scare them away before starting the engine.

With these basic tips, you will have a happy, healthy and a cuddly pet this winter season.