Ways To Avoid The Heat Effects On Your Pets

Ways To Avoid The Heat Effects On Your Pets

While the summer season has commenced, a lot of pets will start showing signs of infections, allergies and dehydration. We, as pet parents can reduce the heat effects by taking care of the following things:

1. Keep a bowl of clean water at a place where there is shade.

2. Change the water in every 2-3 hours. Try to give them bottled/filtered water instead of tap water.

3. Give them yogurt/vanilla ice-cream once a while just keep their stomach cool.

4. Take them for shorter walks. Preferably, early morning between 6-7am and late evenings between 7-8pm.

5. You can give them fruits such as strawberries, watermelons, apples, bananas etc. Remove the seeds of these fruits before giving it to your pet. These fruits are rich in sugar and have a high water content which helps to avoid dehydration.

6. Do not constantly change their room temperature as it might cause heavy panting or breathing. Avoid constant changing from AC to non-AC atmospheres and vice-versa.

7. Flat faced dogs find it difficult to breath with constant temperature changes and are prone to heat strokes. So, if you think that the breathing is shaky and the panting has increased it is advisable to immediately consult a vet.

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