Tips to keep your pets and strays safe & stress-free during festive season

Tips to keep your pets and strays safe & stress-free during festive season

It is officially Diwali season, while we have our house decorated with lights and filled with laughter & joy, our little fur friends are not as fond of the loud booms that come along.

Here are some valuable tips to help your four-legged friends to feel safe & stress-free this Diwali.


  1. Make your home extra comfy:

Create a cozy corner dedicated for you pooch, fill this corner with their favorite treats and toys and a comfy blanket. Close all the doors and windows & draw down the curtains to minimize the noise of crackers & to block the flash light.


  1. Stay calm & distress yourself:

Watching our pets sitting in a corner scared is never a good sight, but our pets can sense what we are feeling and hence when we stress it makes it more difficult for them. It is really important to remain calm & stress-free to make them feel relaxed. You can play their favorite games to distract them.


  1. Keep them hydrated:

Your pets tend to get anxious due to the deafening sound of firecrackers. This will lead them to salivate more, resulting in dehydration. So it is important to ensure they have a clean bowl of water around them all the time.


  1. Keep them away from fire hazards

Pets tend to run away to get relief from the noise, this at times put them at risk of getting burnt by firecrackers. If there are fireworks happening around your area, always ensure the pets around have a safe space to hide. Always keep the doors closed so they don’t run out in fear


  1. Do not expose pets or strays to toxic waste from firecrackers:

The debris created by firecrackers is hazardous to animals. Strays and Pets tend to eat the remains of the firecrackers which puts them at a high risk of poisoning from the harmful chemicals. It is always recommended to throw out the debris as soon as the fireworks display comes to an end.


  1. Do not feed sweets to pets or strays:

As much as our little furr balls enjoy trying to get food off our plates it is very important to ensure they don’t eat sweets. Sugar is highly toxic for them which leads to some serious health problems. Instead give treats that are exclusively made for them to celebrate Diwali.


  1. Look out for community animals:

This time of the year is crucial especially for our stray cats & dogs and one of the responsibilities that lie upon us is to ensure their safety. Animals & Birds both experience distress due to the loud noise, the light and the pollution. Always ensure to keep a bowl of water outside our homes to keep them hydrated. You can also provide them a temporary shelter in the garage with some comfy blanket, fresh water and some food. Even though they live on the streets they are as scared of the firecrackers as our pets are. It is also important to ensure no strays are being abused or harassed with firecrackers.


It is necessary to never leave your pet alone during this time of the year. Ensure they have collars and identity tags around their necks with the owner’s information.

With that being said, we hope you and your family have a safe and a joyful Diwali.