Tips for Caring for Your Pet Bird

Tips for Caring for Your Pet Bird

Many species of birds make fun and engaging pets. Birds are extremely social and thrive on company, nurturing and regular interaction.

If you are considering becoming a bird parent, here are some tips on how you can care for your pet bird.

  1. Housing a bird:

Getting a right cage for your bird is an extremely important aspect. If you are not in the house often and don’t have time to take the bird out for exercise it is always suggested to get a bigger cage as space in their cage is critical. Small size cages can lead to behavior problems.

  1. Choose a rectangular cage:

Circle cages aren’t recommended for birds as they barely have any space or a corners for the bird to feel safe in. The circle cages can cause behavior problems in bird considering they’d be constantly turning. Hence it is always recommended to have a rectangular cage which helps the bird to have more space to roam in where a play area can also be included

  1. Placement of the cage:

Ensure the placement the cage is in a warm and comfortable area. Cages should always be kept indoors where there are people around, birds being social by nature will be unhappy if kept isolated in a room. Always remember that the cages are meant to be cleaned frequently hence keep it in an area which is easily accessible to you. Ensure to not keep it permanently at the window, as the bird will be in constant lookout for enemies

  1. Feeding the right way:

A healthy diet for most bird breed includes 75% pellets and 25% human table food. Ensure you have the correct food for the species of your bird. Some birds are picky, while some have very strict dietary needs. Generally, the bag or the can of bird food will have a label which mentions which breed of birds the food is for. Bird pellets, crumbles & nuggets are also good way of ensuring adequate nutrition for your pet bird. You can also give your pets a mixture of variety of fruits and veggies that includes oranges, berries, spinach & celery.

  1. Provide constant fresh water:

Give your bird water in large, shallow dish as drinking from deep bowls could be a struggle for them. Fill the bowl with average temperature water and change it daily.

  1. Provide them with toys:

Ensure that the toys are bird-safe and that toes or beaks cannot get caught in any parts of the toys. Bells are a great option for bird toys, while getting one check that the bell doesn’t have small gaps in it where the bird’s feet or beak can get caught. 

  1. Set up perches for birds in the cage:

Birds spend majority of their time perched in their cage, so it is always ideal to get them different shaped perches at different heights. Set them opposite the cage as well so they can fly and exercise. While buying perches take care to get perch that don’t scratch their feet.

  1. Hygiene and health:

Our pet’s health is our first priority, hence their hygiene and their health is always mandatory. Cleaning their cage on a regular basis is a must. A clean cage reduces the chance of bacterial infections in birds. Removal of bird dropping is very important for their health, and their veterinarian visits for their regular health check-up is a must.

Caring for birds always feels like a daunting task, considering they’re more exotic than dogs and cats, but with these basic tips you can be assured to have a healthy and a happy bird.