Millennials prioritize their Pets' health

Millennials prioritize their Pets' health

Health Pocket is a free information service designed to help consumers find medical coverage that states According to a recent survey conducted by the organization, 62% of millennials would take their pets to the vet before going to the doctor themselves.

The survey took place in the US. A demographic that was in the age range between aged 20 to 35 years were surveyed. 1000 people took this healthcare survey.

On asking the millennials if they put their pet’s health ahead of their own, the results showed that 25 % of them have a pet insurance, 89% claim they have coverage while 40% of millennials said they stayed at a job they weren’t happy with in order to retain their health insurance.

When it came to seeing a veterinarian, 63% believed that they should be able to text their vet. That being said, 45% are more likely to try telemedicine before visiting a clinic.

The findings of the survey also include that 50% of millennials have used the wellness benefits of their health insurance policy.44% don’t get an annual physical check each year compared to the 45% who do.