How To Walk Your Dog In The Rain?

How To Walk Your Dog In The Rain?

Daily walks are essential for your dog's health and well-being, and that's why you can't afford to miss a walk! Now that the monsoon season has begun, there's a constant concern about the risks of walking during the monsoon.
We shouldn't let a little rain stop us from giving our four-legged friend the regular exercise he needs.

Here are some important tips for walking your dog during the monsoon:
1) Don't let your dog drink rainwater.
As tempting as rainwater may look to your dog, don't let him drink it. There's often dirt and bacteria floating in rainwater that can be harmful to your pet. And in urban areas, chemicals are also common.

2) Check the weather in advance.
Looking at the weather forecast at the beginning of the day and planning your pet's walk accordingly can help avoid rain.

3) Let your dog adapt.
Some dogs, like Labradors, go in the water more easily than others. However, many dogs would prefer to stay at home. A reward strategy can be one way to motivate your dog to go outside.

4) Buy a dog raincoat.
A well-fitting dog raincoat can help your four-legged friend stay dry and comfortable in the rainy cold. It'll also save you from lengthy drying times when you get back inside.

5) Protect their paws.
Also consider a good pair of dog rain boots. These will help keep your dog's paws healthy. Not only can moisture lead to an increased risk of cracked paw pads and bacterial infections, but wet pavement can also expose your dog's paws to harmful lawn and chemicals.

6) Wear bright, reflective colours.
Bright, high-visibility colours are important for safety in any weather, but they're downright vital in rainy weather, as visibility to motorists is lower in the rain.

7) Shorten your dog's walks in the rain.
Shortening your usual walks is perfectly acceptable in rainy weather, as it'll help reduce the risks your dog faces.

8) Take a different route if necessary.
Also, consider in advance some alternate routes that will be safer for you and your dog in the rain. If you normally enjoy walking up and downhill or in parks, you should avoid these places as they're dangerous and muddy. It's best to stay on flat roads.

9) Have a cleaning routine ready.
Dirty paws not only soil the house, but can also pose a health risk to your dog. Hence its important to have a regular post-walk cleaning routine.
10) Keep your dog on leash.
Safety should come first when you walk your dog, especially if you're walking in the rain. In addition to the tips above, safety also includes keeping your dog on a leash and making sure he can follow basic commands.

If the rainy weather is really bad, Just wait it out. While it's important to make sure your dog gets the daily exercise he needs, walks in the rain shouldn't be forced. Dogs can get their share of exercise by playing games such as fetch, tug-of-war, puzzles, etc.

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