How to help strays during monsoon?

How to help strays during monsoon?

As the monsoon rains intensify by the day, we want to remind you that our furry friends need us now more than ever. And while we take the utmost care of our pets, let us not forget that strays need us too.

Below are some ways we can help strays during the monsoon:

1) Build a shelter:
Dogs are territorial by nature, so they are most likely to seek shelter in areas where they normally stay and with which they are familiar. Try to build emergency shelters for them in the area. Place some jute bags/blankets on elevated areas to keep them dry and protected from the cold.

2) Provide them with food:

During heavy rains, food becomes scarce for strays as everything gets washed away or flooded.  Try to feed strays whenever possible. Also, provide a bowl of clean drinking water so that the animals do not drink the rainwater that would make them sick.

3) Let them in:
The weather conditions are so extreme in the monsoon that it becomes very difficult for us humans. Imagine what the strays have to go through. You can help them with temporary shelter in your garage, balconies or 
house and provide them with food and warmth.

4) Care for them:
The number of skin and stomach problems in strays increases because they are exposed to a lot of dirt during the monsoon. We can care for them by deworming them and helping them get rid of ticks and fleas. Some home remedies to prevent ticks are rubbing the skin with a fresh paste of neem leaves or applying neem oil. Some even recommend spraying tobacco-infused water on the areas where ticks cling.

5) Check under your vehicle:
Strays tend to hide under the car and in the tyres to take shelter during monsoon, ensure to check under your car and wait for a minimum 30 seconds before starting your car when parked.

6) Contact animal experts:
Often we see a stray suffering and do not know what to do. In such cases, you should contact veterinarians or animal experts and take the necessary measures to help them.

Like it is said, no act of kindness, no matter how small, is never wasted. 
This monsoon, let's do our bit in keeping our strays safe and healthy