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    Sihil - Trolgesic Tablets

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    Each tab contains Tramodol Hel. 50mg. Tramadol is oplod group of drugs used for the
    treatment of moderate to severe pain in dogs and cats. It is recommended for the treatment of Arthritis, Fibromyolgia, cancer, Post operative pain. It is also used as cough suppressant in pets.

    Pharmacokinetics: Tramadol acts by binding the opiod receptors and block the opiod receptors in the brain which is very important for transmitting the sensation of pain thuough out the body. It also act by inhibiting the Cycle oxygenase (COX), an enzyme that leads to production of assorted inflammatory bio chemicals which in turn suppresses pain and inflammation in joints.

    Dose 1-2 mg/kg. b. wt. Tramadol can be used seperately or with NSAID. But in cats it should be used separately. The dose should be recommended by your Veterinarian since over dose may be become fatal in severe cases.

    Precaution: Long term use of Tramadol may give side effects like anxiety. vomitting & tremors. So,sudden withdraw is not advisable in long term usage. So, tapering dose is always recommended.

    Post surgery pain Chronic pain like arthritis, Cancer. Any wound Fracture Healing

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    Sihil - Trolgesic Tablets

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