The Pilibhit Tiger Reserve Has Plans to Create Additional Artificial Waterholes

The Pilibhit Tiger Reserve Has Plans to Create Additional Artificial Waterholes

The administration of Pilibhit Tiger Reserve, Uttar Pradesh has decided to create more artificial waterholes for wild animals. Due to the increase in humidity in the climate, the administration is keeping a close watch on the health of the big cats.

The artificial waterholes are meant to give the wild animals in the reserve easy access to water. The Pilibhit Tiger Reserve that is located in the Pilibhit and Shahjahanpur districts of Uttar Pradesh has received 30 percent less monsoon rains so far.

While speaking to Hindustan Times, Divisional Forest Officer (DFO), Naveen Khandelwal stated that there is a lack of rain in the state, keeping the weather condition in mind they have decided to make few more waterholes in different parts of the reserve forest. The maintenance work for the existing water ponds is also simultaneously being done.

At present, they have more than a few dozens of waterholes that are fitted with solar-powered water pumps. It ensures that there is enough water available for the wild animals present at the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve. All of these waterholes are located in the core region of the reserve. There are lions, tigers, leopards, sloth bears and other eco-sensitive species present or residing at the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve that use these artificial waterholes.

According to a forest official, the new waterholes also will be made in core areas. It will keep wild animals like tigers from venturing outside the forest areas in search of water. This will also reduce the man-animal conflicts in the neighbouring area. The Pilibhit Tiger Reserve has become a hotspot for man-animal conflicts with more than two dozen human deaths being reported since the year 2017.