Superwoof: A Six Star Luxurious Hotel for Canines

Superwoof: A Six Star Luxurious Hotel for Canines

We have heard and seen luxury clothes, belts, leash carries, bows, and clothes for dogs, have you ever heard of a luxurious hotel exclusive for pets? Yes, you heard it right! Superwoof is a luxurious six-star hotel exclusive for canines located in Cape Town, South Africa. Their services also include bathing, grooming, nail trimming, pedicure, and ear cleaning. 

The hotel has a private presidential suite as well as a dormitory for dogs. Pet parents can select between a presidential suite and a dormitory for their furry one. However, a dormitory is a place where most of the pet parents leave their furry ones for daycare. And, pet parents select a presidential suite for their furry baby when they are traveling abroad for days. Nonetheless, the services provided at both the facilities remain the same. 

The presidential suites at Superwoof are the talk of the town because of their stunning interiors. They have exquisite wallpapers, ornate chandeliers, and extravagant canine portraits on the wall.

The hotel’s staff will assign a room to your furry baby at the time of check-in. At Superwoof, they have an area specifically assigned for pets to socialize. They have a core-play area that is used by pets to carry out their morning and evening exercise. The six-star hotels have nap-pods that are designed specially to ensure that canines experience comfort. 

The staff at the hotel provide supervised walks for your furry baby in the countryside. Your pooch will get to enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Franschhoek valley. The feeding schedules of every guest pet are taken care of by the staff. If a pet parent has provided a regime for their pet, the management adheres to it. 

The luxurious hotel provides premium quality food for pets at an additional cost. However, if the pet parent wished to feed their canine particular dog food, it can be made possible. A pet parent can also hand over their pet’s food to the management and they will ensure to feed your pet on time. 

The hotel believes and understands that their pet’s safety is a priority for a pet parent. Therefore, they have installed cameras in every part of the hotel. A pet parent can have access to the camera footage at all times. They can keep track of their furry babies even when they are miles away or busy at work. 

You will be amazed to know that they have a sky deck with a pool at the hotel. They have a bar for canines called “WOOF bar”. The bar gives a mesmerizing view of the Franschhoek valley. They offer “ChampPaws” as a welcome drink to their furry guests. The pet-friendly drink is made using the famous South African rooibos tea, rose petals, and water. The drink has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory properties and helps in keeping your furry baby’s body cool. 

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