Smugglers Arrested for Smuggling Monkeys, Reptiles and Rodents

Smugglers Arrested for Smuggling Monkeys, Reptiles and Rodents

AIU officers seized rare species of marmoset monkeys, tamarin monkeys, tricolour squirrels and iguanas at Chennai Airpot. These were brought in from Bangkok.

Suresh, aged 35 years old had just flown in from Bangkok by Thai Airways. The officers spotted him pacing in the arrival area waiting for his luggage. As soon as his checked-in luggage arrived, he began walking hurriedly towards the exit. He was then intercepted and questioned.

His replies prompted the officials to check his baggage. On doing so, the stroller contained four plastic baskets and one small cardboard box concealed amongst his personal belongings. They found monkeys, rodents and reptiles from these baskets. Following interrogation, he answered that someone handed him this bag outside Bangkok airport with certain instructions. The instructions he got were to deliver the luggage to an individual outside the airport.

As per the plan, the receiver was waiting outside the airport and the AIU officers were immediately able to nab him right there. He has been detained for further investigation.

An official from The Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB) has identified the species as Primates, Reptiles and Rodents. A team of veterinarians from Arignar Anna Zoological Park inspected the wildlife species. They found three squirrels dead upon arrival. The rest of the animals were in a healthy condition.

These wildlife species were seized under the provisions of Customs Act 1962 read with FT (D&R) Act and will be deported back to Bangkok. 

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