Police Canine Bear Had a Retirement Party

Police Canine Bear Had a Retirement Party

The Taylor County Sheriff’s Office in Texas, United stated had organized a little celebration party for one of their retired K-9 member’s Bear on July 20, 2021. A German shepherd canine named Bear recently retired after serving in the police department for six years.

The Taylor County Sheriff’s Office shared a glimpse of this party on their official Facebook account. The caption shared along the post read, “Congratulations K-9 Bear, on your retirement!” In the caption, the department further thanked the canine for his six years of faithful service to the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office as well as to the citizens of Taylor County.

According to one such local news agency, canine Bear became a part of the squad in April 2015. The canine was able to join the police department after a local restaurant helped the police officers in raising funds for the canine.

Canine Bear has not only helped many people recover but has also helped the FBI and police department of homeland security with several cases in the county. The canine has helped the department by sniffing out drugs too.

Similar to many police canines, canine Bear too completed serving the police department and is now retiring. The canine will be adopted by his former handler, Deputy Brandon Abbott.

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