Pet Parents, Find A Resting Place for Your Deceased Pet

Pet Parents, Find A Resting Place for Your Deceased Pet

The BMC (BRIHANMUMBAI Municipal Corporation) has decided to build crematoriums for deceased pets and small animals. One crematorium will be constructed in Dahisar and the other one in Mahalaxmi. The corporation came to this decision after the constant demands and requests from many pet parents who had lost their furry ones.

This news was shared with the press by the Mayor of Mumbai, Mr Kishor Pednekar. In a statement, he mentioned that there has been a demand for pet crematoriums for a long time. He also mentioned that there are a few private crematorium centres. But the waiting time to bury or cremate your pet is very long. The Dahisar crematorium will be the first animal-based, government crematorium, in the city.

The crematorium built in Dahisar will cover approximately 2,500 square feet. The facility will be available to all pet parents without any cost. At this facility, separate spaces will be dedicated to small animals. This area will be used to bury or cremate any deceased stray animals in the locality. But for cremating strays, an active NGO in the area needs to certify the reason for their death. The certification method for strays is  to keep a track of those animals that have passed away due to any illnesses.

The civic bodies in Dahisar are in the process of finalizing a contractor for the crematorium. The officials will most likely organize a ‘Bhoomi Pujan’ by the end of this week. The architectural work has been handed over to Faizan Khatri. He is an architect and the founder of an NGO in Dahisar. Faizan aims to build a sustainable structure for the crematorium.

While speaking to the Indian Express, Faizan Khatri stated that the crematorium currently has a brick and mortar structure. He is planning to make use of the waste construction material generated from the ongoing metro project in the city.

Pet parents in the city struggle to find a proper burial or cremation place for their deceased pets. In such cases, they have no option but to reach out to private crematorium centres. Unfortunately, the wait for private crematorium centres is too long.

Many disheartened parents often reach out to BSPCA (The Bombay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) for assistance. The BSPCA is an organization that has helped tons of pet parents seek a proper cremation place for their beloved pets. The organization’s main aim is to treat as many sick pets and stray animals. 

The work for constructing a crematorium in Mahalaxmi is also under process. However, officials have not yet shared any specific details regarding that. The newly built crematorium centres in Dahisar and Mahalaxmi will be under the management of BMC. It will help many pets and strays find their proper resting place to cross the rainbow bridge and live happily ever after!