‘Pawternity Leave’, an Emerging Trend among US, UK Companies

‘Pawternity Leave’, an Emerging Trend among US, UK Companies

Apart from the 14 weeks of Maternity and few weeks of Paternity leave given to employees, Brewdog’s Brisbane Brewery offers a Pawternity leave which is up to a week or two long to new Australian pet parents working in the company. Yes! You heard it right.

The United Kingdom Company, Brisbane Brewery is one of the few many other companies that has opted to provide their employees with paid ‘pet leaves’ or as incentives for the same. Reasons for the leave includes, bonding with the new furry family member and figuring out ways to provide the best to their new pooch. According to statistics published on the Barkingroyalty.com, “the trend of pawternity leave is very rare and only 5% of the total European companies have adapted this trend.”

While speaking to ABC News in Australia, company’s spokesman Calvin McDonald said, “Pawternity leave is a great benefit that BrewDog can offer its employees worldwide. It’s an extra paid week of leave that you're able to take when you adopt a puppy or get a new puppy in the house. The perk had been crucial to retaining staff in an industry like hospitality — notorious for its high turnover. It means that they don't really want to leave and go anywhere else”.

Nina Hale, a marketing agency in Minneapolis, mParticle in New York City and Mars Petcare in Virginia are among the many US companies that have moved to a pet savvy and pet friendly environment. All of these companies provide their staff with Pawternity leaves that range for 10 hours to two weeks.

Other leaves like pet sick leave and bereavement leave (when the pet passes away) are also given to employees by very few companies across the globe.

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