Javan Rhino Enjoying Mud bath Captured on Camera

Javan Rhino Enjoying Mud bath Captured on Camera

A rare species of the Javan rhinoceros was captured enjoying a mud bath on camera. The rhino was spotted rolling around in the khaki, tropical waters of a national park situated at the westernmost tip of the Indonesian Java island.

The video of this critically endangered rhino, one amongst the 72 left in the wild, was uploaded onto Twitter. Indonesia’s environment minister, Siti Nurbaya Bakar shared this video that showcased a rare occasion in the life of the mammal.

According to Bakar, there are 72 rhinos in the wild of which 39 are males while 33 are females. 

The footage was captured by a hidden camera at Ujung Kulon’s national park. The video was reshared around 12,000 times.

While speaking to Reuters, the minister stated that a mud bath helps the mammal regulate their body temperature and protect their skin from parasites and insects. Javan rhinos are amongst the most threatened of the five species of rhinos.

Due to illegal poaching and excessive demand for rhino horns for medicinal use, the population of this mammal has declined majorly.