Interesting Facts about Adorable Pandas!

Interesting Facts about Adorable Pandas!

Part of the bear family, Pandas are native to China. The National Panda Day is not only celebrated in China but also across the world. Celebrated each year on March 16, this day serves as a reminder for us to conserve the environment to make it a better place for these endangered species.

Most bears are known to be carnivorous, however, pandas are predominantly herbivorous. Their diet consists of leaves and bamboo shoots. They also occasionally eat other tubers and grass.

The celebration of this day encourages us to save forests and promote the safety and security of these mammals along with their habitat. No doubt, pandas are adorable to look at! Here are some interesting facts about these cute mammals;

They don’t hibernate during the winter season because they are known to be winter resistant. They usually take shelter in the hollow of trees

The consumption of 1238 kilos (26-83 pounds) of bamboo daily is necessary for pandas to survive. They eat for about 14 hours a day. Since the nutrients in bamboo are low, they have to eat large quantities.

Pandas have five fingers (digits) and one opposable pseudothumb, it helps them bend bamboo better.

They are socially independent and normally travel by themselves up until the mating season, where they mate with more than one partner.

Due to uncertainties in the environment, pandas live for about 2535 years in captivity and for about 15-20 years in the wild.

They begin climbing trees from 7 months of age and can also swim.