Farmer Includes His Pet as a Legal Heir in His Will

Farmer Includes His Pet as a Legal Heir in His Will

A 50-year-old farmer, Omnarayan Verma has named his wife and his pet canine as his legal heir in his will. Verma resides in a small village called Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh, India. The farmer was concerned that his wife and their furry one might not be taken care of after his death.

The farmer made his first and last will which included his wife Champa who is 47 years-old and his 11-year-old pet named Jackie as his legal heir.

While speaking to the Hindustan Times, Omnarayan Verma stated that his wife Champa and pet Jackie takes care of him and he immensely loves both of them. He mentioned that he was concerned that his pet dog would become an orphan after his death and hence, he wants his pet to have a share in the property.

Verma further stated that his property includes agricultural land which is about 21 acres. Verma’s son was disappointed by his decision and wanted him to cancel this will. However, Verma stood strong by his decision.

The farmer has been a dog lover since he was a kid. He adopted this canine Jackie after he lost his first pet and doesn’t want Jackie to be left abandoned after his death. Hence he has included canine Jackie in his will.