England’s Zoo To Have Two Little Snow Leopards

England’s Zoo To Have Two Little Snow Leopards

Northumberland Country Zoo in England has welcomed two snow leopard cubs. These two cubs will have a new home at the zoo. They had spent the first fifteen days of their lives at a Wildlife Park in Scotland.  

England announced its national lockdown on October 30, 2020 and hence the arrival of these cubs was put on hold. Since the zoos in England had to be closed until November 5, 2020 it was decided that the cubs will be kept at the north of the border. This is the first time ever that the zoo will house these wild cats.

While speaking to BBC News, Curator at the zoo, Maxine Bradley stated that these wild cats look stunning. The higher authorities have thought about giving names to these wild cats. Their arrival at the zoo was the most excited delivery for Christmas.

Snow leopards are highly exclusive in the wild. The zoo feels privileged looking after these snow leopards. They have also rescheduled a themed event for the coming weekend to welcome these cubs. Although, the zoo will have limited people due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The number of snow leopards in the wild is less than 10,000. Snow leopards are native to mountainous ranges of Asian countries such as Mongolia, India, etc.