Coronavirus keeps pets trapped in wuhan

Coronavirus keeps pets trapped in wuhan

The lockdown in Wuhan due to Coronavirus has led to difficult times for its residents. A few pet owners that couldn’t make it back home are looking up to rescue groups to fend for their pets.

Some cats have been trapped for over two weeks without food or water. Rescue operations are constantly taking place. In most cases, food is being provided to these stranded pets. There are volunteers that are breaking into homes at the request of owners to feed their pets.

One such rescue group Wuhan Pet Online has saved more 2,000 pets across the city since 23 January.

Ewan, leader of the Wuhan Indigenous Cats on Tencent’s QQ platform has served around 500 households so far. They plan to serve some more. As per the owner’s requests, the cats are either transported to owner’s friend’s homes or pet clinics to be looked after temporarily.

President Du Fan of the Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association said that it is highly important to reach out to pets. If that is not done, they will die due to starvation or thirst and their rotting corpses will lead to hygiene problems.

More importantly, the pets that have been trapped are displaying symptoms of metal trauma and separation anxiety. They tend to become frail and scared.

Additionally, the rumours that pets can transmit the disease is leading to their abandonment. The Beijing Small Animal Veterinary Association said that there is no specific evidence proving that pets can transmit this virus. The World Health Organisation has seconded this statement.