Boy Learns To Communicate with the help of his Pooch

Boy Learns To Communicate with the help of his Pooch

A 4-year-old boy named Leon Kirby-Bulner is suffering from autism and used to struggle with communication. But his communication skills improved after a cocker-spaniel canine named Fern walked into his life. Leon and the 3-year-old canine instantly bonded and became best friends.

While speaking to Times Now, Leon’s mother, Hayley stated that Leon was never good at communicating but since Fern entered his life Leon has become an excellent communicator. He just doesn’t stop chattering now.

Leon and Fern have grown together since 2017. Their bond has grown so strong that Leon’s mother calls him a ‘man-cub’ after Mowgli from the Jungle Book movie. Hayley mentioned that Leon is an animal lover and he prefers being around animals over people.

Hayley further stated that Fern always protects Leon. The canine doesn’t let him hurt himself and ensures to calm Leon down whenever he has a meltdown. Canine Fern loves to help and has helped in completely transforming Leon.

Leon’s parents have initiated a fundraiser which will provide assistant canines to help families