Baby Rhino is an Early Christmas Gift

Baby Rhino is an Early Christmas Gift

  • Fox 10

There was an early Christmas present for one of the mamas Rhinos at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Last month, mother Lola gave birth to a female white rhino kid. This is the third white rhino to give birth at the theme park in the last 13 months. It's also the 13th white rhino to be born at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Disney’s Park reports, “Lola’s calf joins a happy contingent of baby births this year, including Humphrey the Masai giraffe, Greta the hippo, and Ada the western lowland gorilla, just to name a few. All told, Disney’s Animal Kingdom has welcomed everything from the tiniest insects and snails to mammoth-hoofed creatures like the white rhino."

The newest birth is a significant victory for the species' conservation, as they are near-threatened in the wild due to horn hunting. Disney's Disney Conservation Fund supports habitat monitoring and restoration programs to help safeguard these lovely creatures.

Before joining the rest of the herd on the park's Harambe Wildlife Reserve, Lola and her new cutie will spend the next few months bonding backstage.